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OUR NAME SAYS IT ALL. We help you with your needs, we don't just "sell" cars!

Auto Sales Consultants, LLC (ASC) will provide an honest, friendly automobile and motorcycle buying experience. The Owner has managed local Auto Dealerships for 40 years and has earned a reputation as an honest and hard working member of the automobile and motorcycle industry locally and nationally.

ASC  has been a Dealer since 2009 and intends to be in business for many more years. For the last 3 years the owner, Dave, has been helping a good friend with his Dealerships and has put this business on the back burner. He is now a full time vehicle buyer for a couple of those Dealerships and sells a few vehicles and motorcycles here that don't work on the Dealer's lot.

Every one of the vehicles here have been driven by the owner, inspected and reconditioned by local shops, cleaned and offered for sale at a very good price. Dave searches the internet auto sites to find out what the competition is selling their vehicle or motorcycle for and tries to price these below everyone else for the comparable year, model, miles, condition and quality. He tries to put the best price on the internet for every car, making the Carfax and KBB information available, so go ahead and shop around. You will usually find that a lower priced car is not in near the condition that ours is. Often the Dealership or individual will not list the miles or vin number of their vehicle in their ad...there is a reason for that.

ASC shares the lot with a Registered Importer who imports several hundred vehicles a month from Canada to be wholesaled here in the U S. They just do not have time to answer questions or show the vehicles that ASC has for sale, so please understand that if you come by to look at one without an appointment.

SMILE, you're about to get a really good deal!

Auto Sales Consultants

2323 Auburn Way N
Auburn, WA 98002

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Dealership Number253-231-3200

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Monday to Friday By Appointment
Saturday to Sunday Closed


Hi! I made the decision to sell off all of my inventory in 2016 while I transitioned to buy vehicles for a new car dealership that a friend owns. The Canadian Vehicle Importer, who I share my lot with, needed more space, so I agreed to let them take over the lot. You will see that the lot is full of newer trucks from Canada that cannot be sold for 30 days, so are being stored behind chain link fences for that period of time.

I do come across a vehicle, occasionally, that I offer for sale. It is usually to help a friend sell their car who doesn't wish to deal with the public or a good vehicle that doesn't work on the Dealers lot. I work alone and have limited time on the weekends and evenings to deal with these vehicles, so please bear with me if you are interested in buying one. I work a lot of hours during the week and am spread very thin.

After 40 years in this business I do not like the "negotiating game" so I try to put my best price on each vehicle. I shop the local vehicles and price mine for a very good deal for the year, model, equipment, condition, etc. I provide the Carfax and KBB or NADA values up front. Nothing covered up or hidden here. Occasionally a car may not be perfect, but is a good vehicle that is priced accordingly.

Please LEAVE A MESSAGE at the Auto Sales Consultants email at ascauburn@yahoo.com or text me at 206-953-1470. I try to check my voice and email messages regularly unless I am tied up at an Auction or am with somebody.

Thanks for considering ASC and smile, you're about to have a great experience!